Adria Walker, editor-in-chief

Greyson Scudder, news editor

Catherine Arjet, opinions editor

Remy Pacini, assistant opinions editor

Courtney Cleveland, features editor

Will Brown, sports editor

Charles Nugent, social media manager 

Alessandra Rincon, staff photographer

Bailey Smith, assistant staff photographer

Arielle Dreher, adviser

Do you have an idea for a story, event, picture, video, feedback or just want to chat?

Email our staff at or our editor-in-chief Adria Walker

1 Comment on Staff

  1. james bowley // October 23, 2015 at 1:40 pm // Reply

    I love to read the Purple & White, and when it came out in hard copy i would always take a copy to classes and point out to students interesting articles etc, in order to encourage them to read it. I would like it so much if you would send an email once a week that has the title and short blurb of the main articles with links to them. There are many publications to which i subscribe for exactly that kind of service, and I READ THEM BECAUSE THEY SEND THE EMAIL. I regret to say i don’t read the P&W nearly as much as i want/should because unlike other publications, it is never “in my face” with a reminder or notice. I think sending the entire campus an email once a week would really increase readership and would enhance our campus community conversation.
    Thanks for considering!

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