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Adria Walker, editor-in-chief

Daffney Dawson, opinions editor

Asia Allen, events editor 

Bailey Smith, staff photographer

Alexis Carter, copy editor

Bekah Ervin, social media manager

Adam Ganucheau, adviser

Do you have an idea for a story, event, picture, video, feedback or just want to chat?

Email our editor-in-chief Adria Walker (

Got a comment?

The Purple & White strives to provide a forum for student expression, therefore, the comment function under all stories is available to any reader. Comments are screened, however, at the discretion of the editorial staff. The Purple & White reserves the right to publish or withhold publishing any comment made on any story on

Got a correction?

Email editor-in-chief Adria Walker ( and adviser Adam Ganucheau ( As an online publication (with no print edition), The Purple & White will issue corrections online with disclaimers included in the headlines of stories as well as full descriptions of the corrections disclosed at the bottom of each story.

Please address complaints or concerns about The Purple & White to the chair of the Student Publications Board:

Dr. Julie Rust (

The Purple & White Purpose Statement and Disclaimer

As a student publication, The Purple & White distinguishes itself from Millsaps College in several ways. All content reflects the editorial discretion of the students operating the newspaper and as such must be interpreted as unofficial university communication and not construed as representing in whole or in part the official views of university administration, faculty or staff.

Specifically, the purposes of The Purple & White include:

• The student newspaper exists as the student audience-based news source of Millsaps College. It is viewed as the context in which aspiring journalists, who are students at the college, practice and learn their craft in conditions approximating those of a real-life newsroom as closely as possible.

The Purple & White exists to serve its students first in both readership and leadership arenas. Students are the paper’s primary audience and primary producers. The Purple & White is entirely produced by students, giving those interested in journalism the opportunity to participate in student journalism and learn how to work as a part of an editorial team.

The Purple & White serves the undergraduate students of Millsaps College as its primary audience. Impact as a news value for readers is considered as it affects undergraduate students. Therefore, angles on stories, sourcing, feature discussions and editorials should be viewed in the light of a student forum—students writing to inform and discuss with students.

• The student newspaper exists to provide information not readily available to students by other means.

• The student newspaper exists to provide a forum for student expression.

For more information about The Purple & White’s policies or guidelines, please email editor-in-chief Adria Walker at or staff adviser Adam Ganucheau at


One thought on “Staff + Contact Us

  1. I love to read the Purple & White, and when it came out in hard copy i would always take a copy to classes and point out to students interesting articles etc, in order to encourage them to read it. I would like it so much if you would send an email once a week that has the title and short blurb of the main articles with links to them. There are many publications to which i subscribe for exactly that kind of service, and I READ THEM BECAUSE THEY SEND THE EMAIL. I regret to say i don’t read the P&W nearly as much as i want/should because unlike other publications, it is never “in my face” with a reminder or notice. I think sending the entire campus an email once a week would really increase readership and would enhance our campus community conversation.
    Thanks for considering!

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