P&W Sick Jamz

By Alex Melnick

by Alex Melnick
Sports Editor

Yo, yo, yo, what up my glip globs? Here’s some sick jamz I listen to whenever I’m up in the gym or running laps or other sporty stuff I do when I’m trying to avoid studying. Man, reading is lame. You know what isn’t lame? Deep cuts from ‘70s-era soul bands singing about entomology, and a lot of reggae-inspired dubstep songs. Yeah, that’s the stuff I listen to. I also went through a real hipster phase back in… well, most of my life actually, but I included some tracks and covers my formerly nerdy self would enjoy putting on a playlist. (Of Montreal? More like Of LOSERS am I right??? Ah, good one me. Also Animal Collective sucks, what was I thinking?)

Punk is dead.

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