You Only Tone Once

by Sarah Owen

by Sarah Owen

Tori Morgan wants her brand new, free fitness class, Tone It Up, to push her students to be conscious of both their body and mind, but not without the occasional YOLO day. Tone It Up is held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. It combines yoga and strength exercises to tone and  give you a full body workout.

“This isn’t my workout, it’s their workout. I just want my students to get the most they can out of it,” explains Morgan.

She also encourages Millsaps students to not just take advantage of her class, but to also attend other fitness Enrichment classes and make healthier choices without making overly drastic changes. “I have a ‘YOLO day’ with my fro-yo, chicken quesadillas and fries. I would tell students starting to get healthier not to completely cut out your favorite foods. Start small so you don’t just give up one day,” Morgan laughs. She invites anyone to come speak to her about nutrition and fitness.

Morgan has been an athlete for years. “My parents put me through everything, including dance, which was not my thing, and sports. I was a varsity athlete for years,” she reminisces. Over the summer, she started paying attention to nutrition and fitness. Morgan even started a fitness blog. She also became a certified fitness instructor. She
loves it.

“I realized I could make money doing something I loved. I love to workout and help others achieve their goals,” she says.

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