Why the NBA is Awesome (And Why You Should Be Watching)

by Murray Kastner

by Murray Kastner


Whether it was Ray Allen’s game-tying three in Game 6 of the Finals or the collapse of the supposed Los Angeles Lakers super team, last year’s NBA season was filled with more storylines than a best selling novel. This 2013-2014 season looks to be no different, as Lebron James and the Miami Heat hope to win their third consecutive championship. This offseason consisted of some drastic changes that could cause a power shift in both conferences.

The leading storyline has to be the return of Chicago’s point guard, Derrick Rose, and whether he can return to his MVP-level play. Rose can help the Bulls represent the East in this year’s finals. The Indiana Pacers and the Brooklyn Nets will provide more depth and intrigue in the Eastern Conference.

The Western Conference is also packed with some new-look teams, most notably the arrival of Dwight Howard in Houston. After a failed experiment in Los Angeles, Howard looks to show the NBA he is more than just a terrible free-throw-shooting crybaby and still one of the best centers in the game. The Lakers, without the injured Kobe Bryant, may see more eyes in L.A. focused on the Clippers. With Chris Paul throwing alley-oops to Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, don’t be surprised to see them on the Sportscenter Top 10 plays.

Murray’s Finals Pick: Miami Heat over Oklahoma City Thunder.

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