Treasures on Mitchell Ave.

by Victoria Sherwood

by Victoria Sherwood

photo by Victoria Sherwood

photo by Victoria Sherwood

“If a person ever wants to buy something great, get off the beaten path,” says Rodale Hall, aka Billyx3, owner of Silly Billy’s Consignment Shop, which is just around the corner off State Street in Fondren.

When Hall speaks about fashion you can feel his passion. Hall started as a hairdresser and, when life events intervened, he directed his energy to his real love. “Fashion brings me joy,” said Hall. “If you can’t go into a store and have the time of your life, you should leave.” Entering his shop, you can’t help but have fun. Hall believes that you should dress like you are fabulous and think of  yourself as fabulous.

“When people stare and their mouths drop open, you know what that is? You fed them. People are hungry for fashion. You should wake up every day and feed people fashion,” Hall said.

The concept behind Hall’s inexpensive consignment shop came from his high school days. He was always best dressed in creative thrift store ensembles.

Silly Billy’s is consignment clothes on the top floor and vintage on the bottom floor.

“I try and listen to the heart of the costumer. I love people, and I feel like I should treat them like it’s their last shopping day ever,” Hall said.

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